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Later Baroque Art, Rococo Art, and Neoclassicism

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MPC 103
Iain Cameron

PETER PAULRUBENS -Elevation of the the Cross,Antwerp Cathedral,Antwerp, Belgium, 1610. -Art & dynamic movement, sumptuous colour -RUBENESQUE movement -Brush strokes are evident, feathery. -Very full bodied women characteristic of his work -Very important political and diplomatic character -Stylistically, somewhere between the High Renaissance and the Baroque -Very shrewd business man. Strict time table. -Very strong Catholicism -Theatrical movement -Exaggerated weight -Cross goes diagonally back in space. Emphasizes effort of raising the cross, supernatural burden. -Samson & Delilah: 1609 -Very Caravaggio in terms of lighting, dramatic chiaroscuro -Delicacy with the barber cuts the hair of Samson.Almost implies a surgery. -Allegory of the Outbreak of War: 1638 -Feathery brushstrokes, loosely defined -Depiction of Venus trying to hold Mars back from war. -Life & death represented in the skin tones: Greenness to the dead. - -DIEGO VELAZQUEZ -ca. 1619: Water Carrier of Seville -Spanish equivalent of a genre painting -Depicted rather religiously -Colours of the same range & spectrum. Browns & blacks. - -Talent for naturalistic depiction -King Philip IV of Spain (Fraga Philip) 1644 -Commissioned as the Court Painter -Rokeby Venus: 1644. -Strange, because painting of nudes forbidden in Spain in this time period -Not a public painting. Very private. -Juan de Pareja: 1650 -Depicts a slave in a very noble pose.Authority. -Feeling of a person who has a personality -Pope Innocent X: 1650 -Colouration handled with virtuosity -Exceptional strength and liveliness -Degree of suspiciousness in his eyes -Infanta Margaritta: 1650 -Physiology of a child, vitality in the face -Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor) : 1656 -Would not have been made without the consent of the king -High point of his artistic practice -Brilliant handling on space. Real and tangible. Perspective -Subtle painting. -Apainting for reflection. Apainting about painting. HYACINTHE RIGAUD -1701: Louis XIV JULES HARDOUI-MANSART and LOUIS LE VAU ca. 1669: Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France ROCOCO -Art of the ar
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