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Report On Decision For Charity  Donation Amanda Toppazzini 500461940  CMN 279 Section 031 Professor Gaye Savage  Date: November 18, 2012 To: The Students of Ryerson University From: Paul Davidson, Chair of The Student Association committee Subject: Report regarding decision for charity donation Every year the Student Association has contributed in raising and donating money to the United Way Campaign. We have raised 25,000 dollars by holding numerous student events. This year we have decided to donate the money we have raised to a charity of our choice. Our committee has done research and investigation on three different charities that we think are acceptable to receive this donation. It is our job to ensure the students that your donations are going to a charity with purpose. We based our decisions on four different criteria’s; the amount of money each charity is contributing to the cause, their mission and values, what the money goes towards and what these charities are doing to benefit our society. Below is a report analyzing and comparing the Nature Conservancy of Canada, The World Wildlife Fund and the Canadian Wildlife Federation based on the four criteria mentioned earlier. Nature Conservancy of Canada The Amount of Money Contributing To The Cause When donating to a charity, it is important to know how much of the money that the charity makes goes to the actual cause. Every charity needs to spend money on many things like insurance, administration, accounting and marketing in order for the charity to become successful and effective, but it is very important to know that a good portion of the money that is being donated contributes to the cause (“2012 Charity 100,” 2010). ­ It cost the charity 11.12 dollars to raise 100 dollars. Therefor, with every donation of 100 dollars, the charity is actually making 88.88 dollars (“2012 Charity 100,” 2010). • 88.63 % of the money made by this charity is used to contribute to the cause (“2012 Charity 100,” 2010). The Charities Mission And Values Each charities mission and values are important to know because they determine their long-term future goals. • To lead, innovate and use creativity in the conservation of Canada’s natural heritage (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • To secure important natural areas and manage these properties for the long term (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • Nature Conservancy of Canada work in a non confrontational manner (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • They manage lands and waters for their natural values (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • Respect and promote natures own processes (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • They recognize the need for people to sustain themselves and live productively while also conserving our countries natural habitats and species (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). What The Money Goes Towards It is crucial to know what exactly our money is contributing to as well as how our money will be effective to the charity. • The protection of Canada’s natural spaces (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • Managing and restoring the best of Canada’s natural spaces, as well as protecting them for the long term (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • The protection of many animal species and habitats that are at risk (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • Reducing threats to those species as well as improving their overall health (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • The conservation of Canada’s natural heritage (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • NCC has been working on projects all across the country that are contributing to the many threats regarding species and habitats, as well as the conservation of some of our most spectacular areas (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). What This Charity Is Doing To Benefit Our Society It is crucial to know that the money being donated to a specific charity will contribute in benefiting the society as a whole. • This charity protects areas of natural diversity for the benefit of our future as well as the future of our children (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • The NCC contributes to protecting our natural environment that we all live in. The environment is directly related to the students at the university because the environment in which we live in does in fact affect all of us (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • NCC's projects has projects across the country, these projects work on protecting many threats to species and habitats and the opportunities for conservation in some of our most spectacular natural areas (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • The protection and conservation of Canada’s natural habitat’s as well as many animal species (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). • Encouraging people to get involved in the protection and conservation of nature. NCC has a conservation volunteers program which allows individuals all across Canada to get involved in protecting nature (“Nature Conservancy,” 2012). World Wildlife Fund The Amount Of Money Contributing To The Cause • It cost $26.43 for the charity to raise 100 dollars. Therefor, for every 100 dollar donation, the charity has actually made 73.57 dollars (“2012 Charity 100,” 2010). • 72.41 % of the made by the charity is contributed to the cause (“2012 Charity 100,” 2010) The Charities Mission and Values • To stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment (“About WWF,” 2012). • Build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature (“About WWF,” 2012). • To conserve the worlds biological diversity (“About WWF,” 2012). • To ensure that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable (“About WWF,” 2012). • To promote the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption (“About WWF,” 2012) . What the Money Goes Towards • Raising conservation awareness (“About WWF,” 2012). • Conservation research and grants (“About WWF,” 2012). • Conservation program implementation (“About WWF,” 2012). • Fundraising and administration costs (“About WWF,” 2012). What these charities are doing to benefit ou
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