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CMN 124
Kathryn Voltan

Verb – It is an action like run, walk etc. Voice- A term that describes a verb’s ability to show whether the subject of a sentence acts or is acted upon Phrasal verb – A verb that combines with one or more preposition to deliver its meaning Pronouns – Words that replace or refer to nouns like everybody, somebody etc. Personal Pronouns – I, you, and me Ambiguity – misinterpretation of a sentence due to double meaning Phrase – Group of words containing a subject or verb, which cannot stand on its own as a complete sentence Clause – Group of related words containing a subject and a complete verb; when it delivers full meaning it is called an independent clause; when it doesn’t deliver a full meaning by itself, it is called a dependent clause. Dependent clause – A clause that cannot function on its own as an independent grammatical unit Independent clause – A clause, containing a subject and complete verb that functions on its own as an independent grammatical unit Subject – The word or group of words in a sentence that acts or is acted upon Simple Sentence – one independent clause, straight forward and empathi
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