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CMN 124
Carolyn Meyer

Direct message  Main message  Body - in-depth explanation - individual questions/answers  Closing - restate the main point, - content information - Asking for action/outline next steps - Put a deadline (end date) – when we need the information Routine information (business type) -observe/ to provide info to the reader Types of Messages - Transmittals (email/package containing info) - Confirmations/Summaries (conversation, on the telephone. AGREEMENT. Record - Adjustment (complaint message for your rights, their wrongs) Return company will do something to settle the claim. Company investigated the problem, refund/reward. Restore customer Positive/Informative - Response to complaints - Asking info that you need in order to do the job - Policy change - Positive answers to request Purpose: To give information of good news To read/understand + positively Secondary purpose: To build goodwill – good image of the writer and the writers organization To enhance credibility To eliminate the need for future message on the same subject Letters – send outside of your organization. (Charities, junk mail, banks paper messages) Memos – send inside your organization (organize the info) Email – in
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