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CMN 124
Susan Cody

Subject:  New Operating Model Date: Wed, September 19, 12:50 PM From: Sarangan Vikneswaran To:  [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Effective immediately, all customer orders, client records and old paper based files will be converted into an electronic database. Our company is converting to a new operating model which relies more on electronic communication and less on paper. We should take this chance to convert and modernize our office space. This chance will allow our company to become more efficient and service our customers better. The new operating model will make a greater use of communication between clients and co-workers. It will be more user-friendly; customer orders and client records will be easily retrievable. Old paper based files will be available after they have been archived electronically. As well, under this new model the company would save as much as 75,000 dollars annually on printing, mailing and storage space costs. Welcoming this opportunity will get rid of the amount of junk piled up in our offices. Our technicians for the company will be taking care of much of the conversion
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