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CMN 279
John Burry

Selected new computers vs The new computers were selected by Bob.) Lecture #3: Chapters 5 and 6 help on the assignment Business Style Plain Style: The Beauty of Simplicity • I will be responsible for actioning and undertake a prioritization of my commitments in terms of my daily schedule Clear- Understandable- Concrete • I will arrange my daily schedule Use common words, except for necessary technical terms. (write to express, not impress.) Use reasonable sentence lengths. (8 words = 100% comprehension, 15 words= 90%) • Use active voice verbs. (the subject performs the action: Bob selected new computers vs teh new computers were selected by Bob • Use personal pronouns: I, you, we. (Use in moderation, except in formal reports.) • Use unambiguous language. ('I cannot recommend this solution too highly' or 'our division needs more effective writers' Plain style doesn't mean oversimplifying or “dumbing down” your content. It gives routine communication energy, impact and precision that sustains readers' interest and lets them easily grasp complicated ideas and activities. Use Familiar Words: 1. Avoid using words ending in -ize and -ization 2. Use only job-related jargon. Be sure your reader understands it 3. Avoid buzzwords like: synergy, globalize, paradigm shift- they get old fast 4. Eliminate slang and replace cliches like: tighten our belts, needless to say, on an annual basis, true to form, all over the map, rest assured, at this moment in time, without further delay, outside the box, make ends meet
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