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CMN 279 – Lecture #5 Business Style How Sentences Work How well you express your thoughts depends largely on how well you can craft sentences and organize them into phrases and clauses Phrase: group of words containing either a subject or a verb (but not both) which cannot stand on its own as a complete sentence Clause: group of related words containing a subject and a complete verb; when it delivers full meaning it is called an independent clause; when it doesn't deliver full meaning by itself, it is called a dependent or subordinate clause. -Although the program cost more than we expected, it has... Independent Clause The program cost more than we expected Dependent clause: Although the program cost more than we expected, it has improved company morale. The program, which cost more than we expected, has improved company morale Type of Sentences 1. Simple – one independent clause (we will vote on the issue) 2. Compound- two independent clauses (Fred will present his report, and we will vote on the issue.) 3. Complex- one dependent and one independent clause (When we meet Thursday, we will vote on the issue.) 4. Compound-complex- one dependent and two independent clauses (When we meet Thursday, Fred will present his report, and we will vote on the issue.) Simple Sentences: • straightforward and emphatic (the shorter, the more emphatic) • Without connecting words, may not fully show relationships among ideas • Strong of simple sentences can be flat, boring and monotonous Tax season is approaching. I would like to update you on some details. These details relate to allowable deductions. Compound Sentences: • Join related sentences with coordinate conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) • Stress the equivalence or equal value of the ideas expressed • Over-coordinated sentences skew logic and lack unity – I look forward to our next appointment, when you may choose from a number of investment options – You may choose from a number of options and look forward to our next appointment. (Over- coordinated) 3 & 4. Complex and Compound-complex • Best at showing the relative importance of ideas and encompassing details • Any of the following subordinate markers lessen the grammatical value of the word they're added to: Although even if though As even though unless As if if until As soon as if only when Because inspite of where Before rather than whereas • Aclause introduced by a subordinate marker must rely for its meaning on an independent clause that is part of the same sentence. Dependent clause:Although tomorrow's e-business seminar has been cancelled Complex sentence: Although tomorrow's e-business seminar has been cancelled, you will have an opportunity to learn about e-business issues at a series of lectures scheduled forApril. • The longer your sentences and the more clauses they have, the harder it is for the reader to find the subjects and verbs essential for delivering meaning. • Sentences with more than three clauses can be difficult and confusing to read. Sentence Strategy – Adding Emp
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