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CMN 413
Tonya Davidson

SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION RD 3 FLOOR, ROGERS COMMUNICATION CENTRE PROCOM.RYERSON.CA CMN 413 CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS 1.0 Course Description How does a company communicate its reputation and image and manage these intangible features when damaged? Through examining high-level communication strategies and products, students develop sensitivity to the language, formats, and images organizations use to manage their concerns. Students also practice skills corporate communication professionals employ to communicate with a variety of audiences. Lab: 3 hours. Prerequisites: Any one CMN course. 2.0 Course objectives/learning outcomes • To understand the basic strategies and practices of the organizational reputation and issues management function • To determine the appropriate mediums and channels for communicating specific issues-related to a variety of audiences with varied concerns • To produce a variety of written reputation and issues management communications 3.0 Topics Covered In addition to section 3.1, material from other sections will be selected for study as appropriate to the specializations and interests of the class. 3.1 Introduction to the Corporate Communication Function 3.2 Internal Corporate Communication 3.2.1 Management Messages (such as directives and announcements) 3.2.2 Company Newsletters, Newspapers, and Magazines 2013/2014 CMN413 – page 1 3.3 External Corporate Communication 3.3.1 Public Relations Material (such as news releases and backgrounders) 3.3.2 Image-Enhancement Material (such as articles in journals and trade press) 3.3.3 Stockholder Relations (such as annual reports) 3.3.4 Paid Publicity (such as advertorials) 3.4 Crisis Management 3.5 Corporate Citizenship 3.6 Technology and Corporate Communication 4.0 Teaching Method 4.1 Lectures and Seminars Teaching will be conducted by lectures plus seminars. In seminars students will have the opportunity to deliver reports that expand on lecture material. Evaluation will be based on a minimum of five term assignments. 5.0 Course Materials 5.1 Textbook Topicality and flexibility will be achieved by use of current business periodicals and supplementary material instead of a prescribed text. 6.0 Course Policies 6.1 Students must adhere to
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