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Lecture 4

CMN 600 Lecture 4: Week 4- Message and Audience

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Ryerson University
CMN 600
Shiga John

Week 4- Audience and Messages Purposes of Science Communication: 1. Awareness 2. Enjoyment or other affective response 3. Interest and voluntary involvement 4. Forming, reforming, or confirming science-related opinions or attitudes 5. Understanding science content (eg: concepts, facts) and process (eg: the work of scientists, the method used in a particular study) Segmentation of Audience for Science Communication - Traditionally, science communication has been directed at the general public since the assumption was that all citizens should be scientifically literate - Today it is more common to segment or split up the general public into distinct categories according to the level of interest in science o 1. Decision makers in government and industry: tend to be highly educated and need scientific information to make decisions on matters of science and technology o 2. Attentive public (~20% of US population): younger, more likely to have science degree compared to general population o 3. Science interested (44%): interest in science and technology, avid consumers of news, but often lacj understanding of main scientific concepts; somewhat older, less likely to have university education than audience ▪ Communication should be nontechnical, plain language, visual o 4. Inattentive public: does not have an interest or pay attention to science-related news or policy Logos: Avoiding Faulty Logic - Avoid bypassing or discouraging your audience from thinking rationally or critically - Avoid distorting the facts - Avoid hasty generalizations (jumping to conclusions) - Avoid circular reasoning - Avoid over-simplifying complex issues - Avoid making mistaken assumptions of
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