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Lecture 8

CMN 600 Lecture 8: Week 8- from public sphere to public relations

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Ryerson University
CMN 600
Shiga John

Week 8- from public sphere to public relations Public sphere - Arena of collective self-determination through “the medium of talk” Habermas: health of public sphere depends on how we argue - Critical-rational discussion - Put aside institutional, professional etc biases - Open to everyone; equal participation - Separate and independent of authority - Conversation driven by cooperation to find common ground, not by competition or showmanship th Public Sphere: the classical period (18 century) - Conditions of public sphere’s emergence: o Cities o Printing press o Middle class Public Sphere: The Modern Period (late 19 century to 20 century) - Decline of public sphere due to o Mass democracy o Re-feudalization o Public relations *** climategate Public Sphere: has it collapsed over time? - Critiques of Herbamas’ history of the public sphere o 1) romanticizing the past? o 2) overly pessimistic about potential of current public sphere o 3) internet and other new media: interconnected public spheres or “public sphericules”? Will Social media help revive the public sphere? Mass media: - Centralized - One-to-many transmission - Most people are receivers, not senders Social Media - Decentralized - Many-to-many transmission - Former receivers become senders *** accommodation shifts Popularization entails a genre shift Shift 1: - Purpose changes from validity to praise as it goes from peer to public - Goes from what and how (peer) to so what and now wh
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