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Computer Science
CPS 406
Christos Shiamptanis

ċ CPS406 Dr. Vojislav B. Miši Introduction to Software Engineering: Course Introduction and Administrivia [email protected] Software Engineering from ents analysis, modeling, design,ect, ten … perhaps even too often –thing like ftware project management, feel free to drop by , a.k.a. dr. Voja (pronounced Voh-ya) ċ VojTlh(which I check often … very ofend email to email first for anDespcripofniifcoiSs40iytrtoductitncstueyoof Object-Oriented software Who a m I? How to get in touch? What A  re We Going To Talk About What and Why Me,WmysatlirndfIaverEatonlbniegdtlinsyreimtuoddyeilts? Overvi ew of the first week for value (they perform according uff as problem-solving tools to effective built mostly on time, within obvious conclusion is that we eering practicplined, quantifiable approach to the (they defficient and effective and to provideand lti-version software (Parnas 1978) efficient High-quality software products eouMlatrytooftware Development an eng ipplrinirpdesigppdeveMlulienr,onpcratoru,aiodnofntenance of software (IEEE 1990) Why S oftware Needs Engineer  ing So Wh at is Softwar Enginering? ality (in many cases, all of the ck at most two of these (Brooks and fast – but experience has is quite frequently used ng and building planes, trains, andg? are delivered late, exceed the budget, elopment could benefit fromemind youhat (ase must ware product is even harder WritngveDoponrpingsftasre…ariyuscotftis hard …etpsiArmf“sytipaorsium Well,netnginutooiteasotiraferf-nnfttt’ltsseefSoffiebreSirftnH Softwa re Is Programming, Right?  Great Idea! Right?   ld increase our ability to create ocess used to build that car in quantity go and see what they want. coordinated and planned, i.e., You lot start coding … I'll An arsImsblsoorptodnelt,iataadigenitatl,apcs We“ewnaniecaregetvqiillt:broiucpremebsCsodluvelupdeentfy differences between car assembly and software Although (too) many people do think of it as: Engine  erin g Mea  ns Process  as civil engineering is not about multi-person …), as well as NOT about programming (you are Software Development Lifecycle frontedb:e:trndnisapasitesigrhatg(eotttviesuar, ealy)sary! AspeHcudeafTechnical issuesrmttntoitilprtekcgltetriraewng)ijihts In MDeovreelopetHaiil:W QeuWaliilySSuodfywDairfferent Ways to tem from the user’s point of
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