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Lecture 3

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Ryerson University
CRM 100
Tsasha Awong

CRM 100: Lecture 3 9/17/2013 12:27:00 PM ume  Soca: 1. Reinforce existing problems that are in need of a solution o 2. Images of Criminal Justice  Over dependence: o Unrealistic expectations o Failure of the public to take responsibility o General failure to address any role a community could play in managing crime System vs. Non-System  System Image o Link to consensus view of law  Consensus law: Murder & Sexual Assault o Support for the systems image  All CJ agencies work under the constitution: process all people thru CRF and Criminal Code,  Interdependence to the actions taken by one agency that impacts other agencies  Ex: Judge incarcerates an individual will impact how correctional rehabilitate that individual  Non-System Image o Link to the conflict view of law  Conflict law: Euthanasia o Support for the non-systems image Structure vs. Process  Structure- see organization map on pg. 9 of textbook o Structure is all about formality  Process- CJ is a process because its a system of human beings making decisions, decisions are discretions “Society is more then sum of its parts, it‟s a system.” Agencies  Lacking Interdependence, consistency, uniformity in the 3 agencies  All agencies accuse people under the Charter and Criminal Code  Some interdependence amongst the CJ agencies  Little cooperation amongst police, courts, and corrections due to different mandates  Polices use “crime control” system  Courts use “due process” system ‘Policing’ and ‘Police’  Policing: o Act of maintaining and reproducing social order  Police o Institutions/Individuals that are employed by the state and given the right to use force to maintain and reproduction of social order 3 Main Police Roles/Duties  Crime Control: Law enforcement o Main role of police is to control crime by enforcing the law o Deterring crime, prevention of crime  Order maintenance: Peacekeeping (night watching) o Activities designed to protect the public peace  Police going to houses that have large gatherings to quite them down; going to domestic violence‟s to meditate the individuals (non-criminal)  Social service o Services that police provide to the public, consequence as to police being available 24/7 (directions, basic services, etc.) -Early RCMP played a role to ensure white settlers can explore the land without too much fuss -Political role
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