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Lecture 6

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Ryerson University
CRM 100
Tsasha Awong

CRM 100 Lecture 6Jury DutyIntroductionJuries citizen participation in the CJ processRight to a jury trialJury eligibilityWhen does jury come in o If sentence is over 5 yearsWho can be on jury o Over 18 cannot have been on jury duty in the past three years and no indictable offencesPeople who are exempt from Jury Duty o Law students in law school judges lawyers police officers government officers vets correctional officers firefighters coroners Jury trials are rare 90 of criminal cases dont go into trial o Accused will often not even choose the jury trial usually plead guilty or choose to be tried by a judge5 Main Concerns Abolishing Jury DutyDifficulty understand legal concepts o Jurors are from all over the place no grasp of the law Impartiality and objectivity o Different backgrounds change how someone is more bias Infringement of citizens time o Takes one week no pay employer cannot fire you but doesnt have to pay you Trials that last 1149 days you get paid 40dayDecisions based on memorypersonal opinions o Some judges allow note taking some dont Decisions are based on memory of the facts some do not have good memoryrely on personal opinions Difficulty in reaching unanimous decisionsdifferent personality of jurors o Every juror has a different personality questionable to which extent of how many members are activePossible SolutionsPanel of judges o Replace jury with a panel of judges requires change in the charterProfessional juries o Paid by the state like judges and are expected to hear case by case move by jurisdictions trained in law and how to listen objectively not subjectively trained on how to make right decisions o If its their job they will show up and be dependable upon You cannot record or discuss anything about what happens in the jury room ever Juries cannot sentence but can suggest and give their opinions
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