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Lecture 7

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CRM 100
Tsasha Awong

CRM 100: Lecture 7 Introduction  Penology: o Sentencing policies and practices o Correctional policies and practices  Critical questions: o What is an appropriate sanction? o What is the purpose of sentencing? o How should punishment occur? o What are the limits on the state’s right to punish? Course Themes  Punitive Culture  Public and political o Looking at prisons, alternatives to prison (community corrections) o Community corrections should be used with caution. Implies significant community support and communication. Often doesn’t happen. Community not significantly involved and hostile towards community corrections o Many government proposals/support for prison as solution for crim. Much less support towards alternatives  Importance of Numbers  Numericized Talk o Social costs Financial Costs  Government spending on criminal justice: o $20.3 billion in 2011/12  $5.5 billion (feds); $14.8 billion (provinces/territories) o Security (57%); Corrections (23%); Courts (20%)  $20.5 billion on National Defence Correctional Costs  CSC expenditures o 2010/11 = $2.4 billion (mostly for custodial services)  Provincial expenditures o 2007/8 = $1.64 billion o 2010/11 = $1.93 billion (mostly for custodial services)  Cost per offender per year (2010/11) o Prison - $114, 364  Male ($111, 042)  Female ($214, 614)  Community – $31, 148 Inmate Population Characteristics  Who is in our prisons?  Gender o 95% of federal inmate population is male  Women make up: o 5% of federal inmate population o 10% of provincial inmate population o 6% of remands (people waiting upon space in prisons)  Race/Ethnicity o Over-representation of Aboriginal Offenders:  4% of general Canadian population (2008/9)  24% of provincial inmate population  18% of federal inmate population  19% of remand population  21.5% of adult male offender population is Aboriginal  34% of adult female offender population is Aboriginal o Over-representation of Black Offenders:  .02% of general Canadian population (2008/9)  .03% of general Ontario population o Black males:  7% of federal inmate population  11% of Ontario’s inmate population o Blac
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