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Lecture 9

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Ryerson University
CRM 100
Tsasha Awong

CRM 100: Lecture 9 Over-Representation of Aboriginals  Youth Offending Rates: o Over 4,700 Aboriginal youth sentence to some form of custody (2007/8) o Over 2,700 were admitted to probation (2007/8) o With the YCJA (Youth Criminal Justice Act), continued increases in admissions to remand (esp. Manitoba and Alberta) and admissions to custody (esp. New Brunswick, Ontario, and Manitoba  Remand population: Denied bail, waiting for sentence 2  Aboriginal youth (male and female) make up 6% of Canadian population BUT are over-represented in the correctional system (custody & community supervision) o Aboriginal female youth make up 34% of all female youth admissions o Aboriginal male youth make up 24% of all male youth admissions o Chart on PowerPoint  Adult Offending Rates: o In 2005/6, Aboriginals made up 4% of Canadian population but 24% of provincial inmates; 18% of federal inmates; 19% of admissions to remand o Aboriginal women make up 31% of adult female inmate population  Regional Differences in Offending Rates o Highest in Prairie provinces o Lowest in Quebec & Maritimes  Age composition of Prairie provinces o 18% of Aboriginal population is 15-24 years o 13.4% of the non-Aboriginal population is 15-24 years  Aboriginal are over represented in representing statistics and as victims of crimes  Victimization Rates o Check links on PowerPoint  Does the CJS value some victims over others? (Wortley) o Sentencing differentials by victim Violence Rates and Structural Conditions  General prison inmate population vs. general Canadian population: o Males are over-represented o Youth are over-represented o Lower classes are over-represented (unemployment & lack of education)  Aboriginal prison inmate population? Racial Discrimination in the CJS  Racial profiling is ‘the targeting of individual members of a particular racial group, on the basis of the supposed criminal propensity of the entire group’  What is ‘Systemic Racism’? o Endemic to the entire CJS o Part of our national history o Ex: Chinese Head Tax: Taxing only the Chinese to come into Canada  Links to the conflict model of law o Ontario Commission on Systemic Racism in the CJS (1995)  Surveys of perceptions of differential treatment of racalized minorities in the CJS
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