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CRM 101 - Conventional or Street Crime

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CRM 101
Gurpreet Johal

CRM 101 CONVENTIONAL OR STREET CRIMESTREET CRIMEWhat most people think of when they think of crimeOffences such as murder robbery break and enter assault sexual assault theft and motor vehicle theftFocus of majority of police caseloadsFocus of most media reportsLIFESTYLEEXPOSURE THEORYCreated by Hindelang et al 1978Helps explain why some people are more likely than others to be victimized by crimeLifestyle and routine activities of people place them in social settings with higher or lower risk of being victimizedWhere do people spend their evening timeWho do people associate withROUTINE ACTIVITIES THEORY COHEN AND FELSONTHREE FACTORS MUST BE PRESENT FOR A CRIME TO OCCURA motivated offenderA suitable targetIneffective guardianship of that targetA CHANGE IN ANY OF THESE FACTORS CAN INCREASE OR DECREASE THE INCIDENCE OF CRIMEVIOLENT CRIMECRIMINAL HOMICIDES 1CRIMINAL HOMICIDE 1st and 2nd degree murderManslaughterInfanticideMURDER The person who causes the death of another person means to cause death or means to cause bodily harm likely to result in deathCRIMINAL HOMICIDES 2MURDERFirst degree when killing is planned and deliberate when victim is a police officer or prison guard when murder occurs in connection with offences such as sexual assault or kidnappingSecond degreeall other murdersCRIMINAL HOMICIDES 3MANSLAUGHTER Where there is no intent to killSudden provocationToo intoxicated to form intentINFANTICIDEDeath of a newborn child is caused by a mother who is disturbed as a consequence of giving birth CRIMINAL HOMICIDES 4 INCIDENCEHomicide rate was 19 per hundred thousand in 2006 US rate was 57 in UK w
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