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CRM 101 - Counting Crime & measuring criminal behavior

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Ryerson University
CRM 101
Gurpreet Johal

CRM 101 Counting Crime and Measuring Criminal BehaviourCOUNTING CRIMEWhat forms of social behaviour are counted as criminal actsWhere do we look for data regarding these criminal actsOFFICIAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE RECORDSPolice Courts CorrectionsStats Canada Canadian centre for justice statisticsUniform Crime ReportsUNOFFICIAL SOURCESVictimization SurverysSelfReport StudiesField ResearchOFFICIAL SOURCESPolice RecordsDIfferent police department use different proceduresIndividual officers have discretion and do not record crimes consistentlyNot all those arrested are guiltyThe majority of crimes are never reported to the police the dark figure of crimeThe Crime Funnel see slideshowCourt RecordsAre somewhat limited in Canada but are now beginning to provide some information about the operation of the courtsPrison RecordsReflect official decisions more than actual crime patterns prisoners are not a representative sample of all criminalsFROM RECORDS TO STATISTICS 1Unit of CourtWhat is being counted ie suspects charges calls for service number of prisonersLevels of AggregationHow data are combined ie Local area city province nationalDefinitionsHow to define what is being counted ie Is someone on remand on inmateData ElementsWhat specific information should be collected ie Type of information level of detailCounting ProcedureHow to count units and elements ie Is assaulting three people in the same attack one crime or threeCANADIAN UNIFORM CRIME REPORTS CUCRPrimary source of official dataDerived from nationalized reporting process for police
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