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CRM 101 - Conflict Theories & Critical Crimonology

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Ryerson University
CRM 101
Gurpreet Johal

CRM 101 Week 6 NotesCONFLICT THEORIES AND CRITICAL CRIMONOLOGYCONFLICT APPROACHAn oppositional position in relation to much of the work of conventional criminalogy and also to many contemporary policy developmentsin the field of criminal justiceMain point of distinction is it concern with structure of power These are seen to be instiutionalized in particular ways and to reflectsocial interet that oppress specific categories of peopleWHAT IS CRITICAL ABOUT CRITICAL CRIMINOLOGYCritical criminology question the basic assumptions of the criminal justice systemThey seek to confront inequality and social suffering with promises of more just outcomesJUSTICE OR JUST USThe present operation of the criminal justice system is unfair biased and operates in ways that advantage certain groups or classes above othersThe primary task of the critical criminalogist is to expose the nature of the underlying power relations that shape how different groups are treatedin and by the CJSThis is also examined through critiques of state institutions that surroun
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