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CRM 101 - The Politics of Imprisonment

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CRM 101
Gurpreet Johal

CRM 101 The Politics of ImprisonmentFORMS OF PUNISHMENTIncarcerationParoleCommunity SupervisionFinesCanada has higher levels of property crimes than other countries and far lower levels of violent crimeIn 1995 only 11 of crimes reported to police involved violenceNonviolent offenders constitute a signifigant proportion of the Canadian provincial and federal inmate populationGenerally they pose a minimal risk to the public yet they are incaracerated at great public and human expensePUBLIC SAFETY AND INCARCERATIONPublic safety and corrections are not connectedOnly a small minority of crimes are reported and of those relatively few result in the imposition of a sentenceAs sentences become longer and as we increase the overall incarceration rate there has been no impact on the overall victimization rate but there is a signifigant impact on our use of resourcesINCARCERATION AND SOCIAL CONTROLIncarceration rates are more a reflection of our social and economic policies than a simple reflection of crime ratesRole of imprisonment as part of hegemonyJudicial c
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