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CRM 102 Week 1

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CRM 102
Jennifer Fraser

Introduction to Criminology •Critical thinking is o Reflective and reflexive o Evaluating information o Acknowledges context •Context o The importance of context in criminology inquiry • The nature of power relationships, what are the different forms of power, who benefits from certain social arrangements • Social, economic, political, cultural, and historical contexts, how does this influence how we think about objects of criminological inquiry?  We have governments that can forcefully influence us on how we think of criminological inquiry •What is Criminology? o Trends and patterns, we look at rates o We look at how different societies are with crime o Effective and ineffective responses to crime o It is seen as a social phenomenon • We look at societies, people in societies, how people behave as member of communities and members • How we study that as well • Scientific study of crime o Crime • Behaviour that is opposing social norms • Acts that are seen as deviant behaviour •Criminological Research o Deductive research (testing theory) • Theory hypothesis observation o Inductive research (deriving theory from data) • Observation pattern tentative hypothesis theory •Mainstream or traditional criminology o The definitions of crime and criminals o The origins & role of law o The social distribution of crime o The causes of crime o Patterns of criminal behaviour o Societal reactions to crime •New fields within criminology o Green criminology o Terrorism studies o Feminist criminology o Victim ology o International ap
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