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Ryerson University
CRM 204
Smita Tyagi

th CRM 204 – Criminal Justice Research and Statistics (September 5 , 2012) Textbook: Bachman, R., and Schutt, K.R. (2011). The practice of research in criminology and Criminal Justice (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. Methods of Evaluation: Assignment # 1 worth 6% of final grade due Sept 12 Assignment # 2 worth 10 of final grade due Oct 3 In-class test, worth 30% of final grade due Oct 17 Assignment # 3, Review of research article, worth 16% of final grade, due Nov 7 Final test, worth 30% of final grade, Dec 2012 Class participation, worth 8% of final grade Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 Criminology, Science, Scientific Method, Research Process Questions in criminology: - Media and crime: “If it bleeds, it leads” - Perceptions of crime - Research questions - Search for answers and explanations Motivated by policy, needs, program management, resource considerations, theory -Use of logical, systematic, documented methods to investigate research questions Errors in Reasoning - Overgeneralization - Selective or inaccurate observation - Illogical reasoning - Resistance to change (ego based commitment, ideology, dogma, tradition, agreement with authority) Study and Research in Criminology -Systematic -Use of scientific method and tools of science -Critical analysis -Producing knowledge for the benefit of society Social Science Approach Epistemology Validity Empiricism Objective stance in investigation Deductive method Methodology Reliability Generalizability Replication Theory (Parsimony, spurious relationships, elimination of alternatives, accounting of evidence to the contrary) Theory and Data in Research -Theory is critical to research -Theory influences research which in turn influences theory -Links between data and theory -Deductive and inductive reasoning Sources of Data and Research -UCR -Victimization studies -GSS -Special studies -Census -Academic studies -Issue specific data (Ministry of Corrections; -Public domain studies Correctional Services Canada, National Parole Board etc.) Identifying research questions -Curiosity: Asking a research question -Findings, interpretation and presentation -Formulating the problem/ Refining the -Practical consid
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