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CRM300: Week 8 - (October 30) FILM: Behind the Lines.docx

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Ryerson University
CRM 300
Jennifer Fraser

One female RCMP officer undercover, and was to pretend to be with a male RCMP officer – ended up being sexually assaulted; refused to talk about it until she learned more Calgary – UC Victoria Cliffe - What appealed? Diversity of the work, came from a family of officers - Never thought about discrimination would be a thing - Always dreamed of being in the UC (equivalent of being a rock-star; glamorous in a sense, the mentality that they can do whatever they want which gives a very unequal power balance, leaving the women completely vulnerable), Robert Blundell - Target of the unit for her was a murder suspect; hoped the target would re-appear at the bar but he never did, yet the party continued - Was told there was a hotel room booked for her, but that was false as well – Blundell convinced her that the hotel was fully booked, so she could “crash on the couch” in his room, but there was no couch, and ended up - Never thought of leaving; sense of professionalism because they had to continue the routine the next day “you’re there to complete a task, dedication of the task, very important things to do the next day” - No clarification, no cover team in place, and then she was told “there’s no paperwork or authorization for you to be here… You should just go back and pretend this never happened”  Blind trust because she was a junior and he was a seasoned officer… issue of “Just wanted to tag another member”  Too embarrassed to tell her story, and kept her secret for 6 years before she learned she was not alone  Dynamics of the police force and the way it is structured; Victoria Cliff says she feared for her Krista Carle - Been with RCMP for 3 years, and her supervisor/Sergeant offered her an UC “window-dressing” opportunity for her - Met their target in a scrapyard, and Christa was to pose at his girlfriend  Blundell whispered “if I touch you, just go with it” – he fondled her breast  Happened again when they were talking to the target, Blundell stuck his hand down her pants to fondle her rear  She didn’t know what to do, felt humiliated, felt used  Consumed about 6 or 7 beers, but she just wanted to feel safe - Even though she was a police officer, she could not bring herself to tell anyone, fear of being criticized for her actions (drinking) and fear of a floodgate/making enemies Third incident – 1996 Fourth incident – RAPE - Her role was to be a party girl that Blundell would pick up, to impress the target - Eventually, she fell asleep, and as she pushed him away, he pushed back, bruising her arm and breast, and the assault continued until he ejaculated - She filed a formal complaint, and thus the investigation started  Victoria was called, but immediately said she wasn’t interested  Realized she works with assaulted women, yet couldn’t bring herself to do what she was encouraging others to do  Knew “what the cost was”  Was sure that when she came forward, her career would be over  Assured that her statement would be confidential but within a few days the promise was broken – stories about her sexual acts, etc. = “a smear campaign”  After her allegations, her assignments a
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