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CRM 308
Enzo Rondonelli

CCRM308Week 7 The VictimComplainant Whos a victimSomeone who suffered a loss of damage finance physical emotional psychological extension of the victim like a third party such as friends or family breach contractSomeone who has had their rights violatedSomeone whohas been harmed even unknowingly newage victims Traditionally if someone was hurt they could collect Newer system involves Criminal Code and it is the State against the accused Even though the particular violence is not against them we try to divert them so all the cases will be R v Smith because we have a queen if we were to have a king it would be Rex v Smith We had a big shift in the 1980s which brought to a change to Change victims and lobby groupsVictims moving into the system since they were not considered in court at allChinatowns David Chen videooCitizens ArrestoAcquittedoHarper passes the Lucky Moose legislation reaso
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