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CRM 308
Enzo Rondonelli

CCRM308Week 8 ExpertsMonday March 17 2014 Why do we have expertsImpossible to have knowledge of all fields lawyers cannot know all the techniques or terminologies or proceduresValidate accusations or defencesProvide information for the jury that is less informedseen as more objectiveWhat do you see Shadow of Black SheepFirst expert Ryerson has black sheepSecond expert Ryerson has at least one black sheepThird Ryerson has at least one sheep that is black on one side we cant see the other side Oversimplifying Fingerprinting Evidence how do we actually know that fingerprints are unique Madrid bombing considered terrorist act and authorities find fingerprints on an explosive When they run the fingerprint they find a match to Mr Mayfield and are confident they have got their suspect Mayfield turned out to be a lawyer and ended up fighting to say that his fingerprint wasnt the one on the explosive The mismatch turned out to lead to someone elseoThis opened up a new Pandoras box for people because the whole forensic community now think there are challenges to fingerprints How do we know that the fingerprints are unique oMayfields fingerprint came from his LSAT testoPerfect prints are hard to leave behind and to pick upOpinions can also be translated to marketing and advertisingoEx Ivory Soap was advertised as 9944 pre because it floated What is Junk ScienceOpinions offered as expertise that has little or no probative value since it is based on bad scienceDifferent than outright fraud expert is flatout lying
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