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CRM312: UNIT 7th - (Nov 18th) Crime Performce-Surveillance.docx

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Ryerson University
CRM 312
Stephen Muzzatti

CRM312: “Crime Performance/Surveillance” Monday, November 18 , 2013 – UNIT 7 - Panoptic gaze: particularly relevant to urban centres like Toronto and Ryerson students, anything in the core of downtown since Toronto’s downtown has become an increasingly surveillance-oriented urban space  High-profile crime = rich political fodder for police, politicians, etc. to advocate for CCTV- style surveillance  ex: Jane Creba, the 15 year old from out of town who was shopping on Boxing Day with her family and shot by a stray bullet, and killed  ex: the Eaton Centre shooting  significant event in propelling those calling for surveillance cameras downtown in tandem with demands for stricter security systems, more police, and a whole host of things advocating for this ‘surveillance culture’  There is a notion that surveillance can end crimes but it is about integrating cameras with facial recognition software, putting them in places they haven’t been before, etc.  ex: the TTC did not have cameras where they do now, but now they have installed over 1,800 new cameras (think about cost and efficiency) - People who are in downtown Toronto have their image captured about a dozen times per day and we are often told that cameras are being used for public safety (“we are not watching the public, we are watching out for the public”) - Cameras have been up in Toronto for some time, but not as many or geographically widespread as they are today, and they were used by a variety of State services, not just police (includes parking services, traffic enforcement such as red light cameras, and
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