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UNIT 8th - Nov 25th Online Crime and Stadiums of Hate.docx

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Stephen Muzzatti

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CRM312 ONLINE CRIMEthUNIT 8 Monday November 25 2013Presdees notion of senseless crime which are crimes not understood by society as a collectiveCrimes where people respond with How could they do that Usually characterized as senseless because there is no connection between the crime and monetary gain because yknow everything we do is for moneyEx Taking a car for a joyride and then burning it as opposed to selling the partsThis is something that usually consumers do not understand Usually talking disproportionately about male youth crimes with no relation to monetary gain destructive crimes vandalizing etc or known as nonutilitarian crimesThis is NOT NEW thought it is far more acuteprevalent nowThese crimes are not about money or gain they are about expressivity Presdee looks at it as hatecarnival because in criminology late modernity is consumed with hate notions of hate are paired with fun and become interconnectedThis notion that it is acceptable to express hate is becoming more acceptable because we are being told now to express our emotions and thoughts moreThere is also a whole host of venues this hate can be expressed internet sportsExample soccer which is an overwhelmingly maledominant sport spilling with masculinity around the globeVIDEO Official FIFA World Cup commercialThis was essentially FIFAs version of what football is throughout the world OFFICIALLY APPROVED to air on televisionJuxtaposition Video starts off with unofficial soccer bare feet men playing soccer in the mud by the waterside with makeshift netsVS official soccer in stadiums with large audienceIs this commercial suggesting a success storyJuxtaposition of images from various soccer games and South Africa in 2010 as well as older images such as Nelson Mandela
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