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CRM324 - Week 9 - Cybercrime as a Security Threat.docx

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Ryerson University
CRM 324
Alexandra Orlova

CRM324Week 9 CybercrimethMonday March 24 2014Western advantagesending drones using computers to do complex calculations and run model imsulations This digital dependency comes at a costit exposes armies and people to digital attacks Should they be treated the same way as conventional warfare What are the criteria it has to meet to be considered a conventional attack IT has impacted every facet of societyeducation now relies so heavily on technology It regulates banking so we are definitely impacted It also affects criminalsterrorism organized crime etc also use InfoTech Within the legal realm the regulation is relatively lax We have the access to internet and technology and the laws are always behind Can you download music What about a small fee The music and film industry is now saying they are suffering losses Etc etcNot only do lawyers have trouble with IT but police officers too How do you police emerging criminalityWhat is Cybercrime Typically we think of anything using technology but there are classes as wellfraud theft obscenity violence Anything to do with harassment endangering political or established businesses True cybercrimes crimes that NEED technology to be committed VS more traditional crimes technology helpsScholars use these divisionsUnauthorized access to computer programs and files this occurs when an individual achieves entry into another individuals programs or files without permission you can do so remotely through your own computer or you can do so physically break in to use their computer You are intruding their private space not necessarily violent in any way any viruses etc Governments and organizations are frequent targetsWhy is gathering information criminal even though no harm was doneThere is a factor of potential harmthere is a chance for consequencesPrivate propertytrespassing Unauthorized disruption occurs when individual actually interferes with the operation of a system this is what a lot of people refer to as cybercrime Different types include viruses Trojan horses worms denial of services etc So we see modifications that allow one program to disrupt another one There is a potential harm to infect other computers as well Wormsstandalone programs that replicate itself without the user doing anything Trojan horseappears to have a useful function but contains harmful use DDOSoverwhelm websites with network traffic and disrupt their availability to function and crashes the website Theft of identity and most familiar form of cybercrime CC numbers or SIN numbers all sorts of information can be stolenCarrying out of traditional offenses such as distribution of child pornography using a computer These are not TRUE computer crimes because these offences existed before the computer but it certainly changes the way these crimes are committed Distribution of child pornography can now be taken to massive scales and overseas Selling of drugs etc Other crimes include propaganda harassment stalking etc Proximity security identification etcPros low cost anonymityWith all these points obviously countries are trying to get on top of it but we are still lagging behind because technology evolves so fast etc State is always playing catchup
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