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Ryerson University
CRM 324
Alexandra Orlova

CRM324Week10 The Future of our SecuritystMonday March 31 2014the concept of security has been redefined and expanded Mentioned the main emphasis in terms of security shifts concentrating on the state and ability of state to defend itself against other states military conceptless traditional forms of security human security Some of the major themesthe rise of nonstate actors and traditional borders unintended consequences etc Rise of nonstate actorsbiggest shift Now there are institutes scholars etc So we moved away from state entities to nonstate entities Examples terrorists that are linked to a state organized crime rise of cybercrime so organizations researchers with leaking of information chemical agents Conversation that really shifted after 911 States right now are being threatened mostly by threats that are not other states terrorist organizations banks etcDefense budgets still being looked at very important analysis but we need to move beyond that when it comes to security and impact A lot of solutions are still being militarized and when it comes to dealing with less traditional threats there is still military metaphor war on terrorism oLegal approach treating them as a legal crime through the war systemoPoliticaleconomic sanctionsoDomestic focus cultural preservationoFreezing assets oKnowYourClient and mandatory reporting systemsoControl over borders airport securityoQuarantini
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