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CRM 324
Alexandra Orlova

CRM324Week 7 Securitization of DiseaseMonday March 10 2014 Securitization of Disease idea of securitizing health is not a new phenomenon but it was not until mid1900 that this infectious disease trickled into foreign national matters Due to industrial revolution you had advances in trade and travel and greeting more people and therefore more infections Quarantines were the preferred method with dealing with transmission of infectious diseases As globalization increased and international travel increased the spread of infectious disease captured our attention and interest movie and book was based on real events in which a virus was found in West Virginia and the symptoms started bleeding from all orifices and there was no vaccine or cure It was an excellent candidate for a biological weapon and there were numerous Hollywood movies dealing with disease and infection trying to predict how people would act and how they would be handled Death toll from various diseases has been tremendouspretty much more than all other causes of death combined1918 Spanish Influenza variation of swine flu which killed 100 million people in a span of 4 months with relatively limited world travel Thats how long it took for the Spanish flu to travel the world4 months Today it would probably circle the globe in a matter of 4 days rather than 4 monthsDiseases have been around for a very long time such as Malariait was devastating It kills over 1 million people worldwide and 97 of these deaths occur in subSaharan African most of them children If you look at developed worlds such as the US and Canada diseases are still the largest leading cause of death The overuse and incorrect use of antibiotics lead to developing drugresisting strands which diminish our ability to fight off these diseases It might be tempting for us living in Canada to say that these devastating diseases are prevalent elsewhere so it is not our problem and we have advances researchhealth care so we have something to rely onAre we secure Are those living in the developed nations relatively secure from the threat posed by infectious diseasesEven though we have advanced medicine there is also very fluid flow of trade and transmission through immigration There is also the fact of birds and insects can carry disease as well in which case we cannot regulate that We cannot think we can stop disease at the borders globalization obviously leads to exchange of goods but also the exchange of microbes and there is always a possibility that disease to travel It took smallpox about 3000 years to circle the globe and it took HIVAIDS 30 years which is relatively hard to transmit from person to person So there is a collapse of time for a particular disease to make its way from one jurisdiction to another Smallpox incubation period is 2 weeks able to infect others but not aware of their symptomsthey can easily spread that particular disease just by crossing a few borders There is a lot of people travelling long distance nowadays
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