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CRM324 - Week 8 - Irregular Migration as a Security Threat.docx

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Ryerson University
CRM 324
Alexandra Orlova

CRM324 Week 8thMonday March 17 2014Irregular Migration Key Policy Considerationsirregular migrations are the concerns of most discussions this discussion became securitized specifically after 911 because there was a perception that terrorists were entering USA through Canadaaccusation that Canada has lax check systems and border barriers which isnt the case There were debates as to how to control it if possible and something that is missing in policy papers is that it exposes the State and irregular migrants to security threats Most states have failed to manage irregular migrants efficientlyRights if migrants and irregular migrantswe need to be realistic as well There are not a lot of things we can do about irregular migration like we can about disease even though they are often compared Especially individually states are finding it hard to effectively manage irregular migrant patternsWhy is it so hard sometimes governments do not necessarily want to do anything because these migrants are a source of cheap labour borders are loosely regulateddocumentation and information is spread out between agencies and these migrants can actively be trying to avoid being detected lack of statistics the barriers we erect at the border makes the more sophisticated groups such as smugglers to get involved and you will still have migrants crossing the border but in a more dangerous manner as like most efforts states cannot individually bring down operations and require assistance free of corruption etcmuch like human trafficking we have disparities in prosperity human security and many of these disparities drive migration Huge issue is the relation of irregular migration to regular migration There is obviously a demand for migration since the supply and demand are not proportionate Regular migration only accommodates a certain percentage of people and others fall outside this percentage Irregular migration crossing borders through illegal or underground means ex smugglers rather than going through legal means such as documentation or using legal means to cross the borders such as VISAs but overstaying after they expire Asylum seekers are also irregular migrants because often they are fleeing from persecution or threats of some sort and thus cannot claim proper documentation and are forced to flee Solutions have to be multinational longterm etc and often states do not hold the same goalsSeveral issues make policy making with respect to irregular migration very challenging The lack of political will to do anything about irregular migration When it comes to policy making it becomes difficult to make consistent policies some states lack political will especially in countries of origin For example the Philippines experienced a downturn in the global economy and rather than face the economic downturn at home they go off to look for work elsewhere and send back foreign currency to help support their loved ones These remittances put currency into the Philippines so they might have a different
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