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Lecture 4

CRM324 - Participation Questions and Answers for Week 4 "Money Laundering".doc

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CRM 324
Alexandra Orlova

What is terrorist financing and where do you think terrorists get their funds fromterrorist financing can include providing property assisting in terrorist financing money launderingproviding fundsHow difficult would it be to detect money from legitimate sources that are directed to supporting terrorist activities Legitimate sources are harder to locate and prove their part in a money laundering schemeWhat is money laundering dealing with property or any proceeds of property with the intent to conceal the property and knowingbelieving that all or part of the property was obtained from the commissionomission of a designated offence process of concealing sources of money placing dirty money through a legitimate source such as a bank which is layering Placing dirty money in a service company where it is layered with legitimate income and then integrated into the flow of money is a common form of money launderingHow do we move towards more open integrated markets that are less dependent on domestic regulation while on the other hand attempting to prevent money launderers and financers of terrorism from utilizing more integrated financial space to move dirty and terrorist fundsWhat is the problem with trying to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing within the context of the same regime Overlapping and overregulation reporting requirements crossborder movement of currency creation of agency to administer the Proceeds of Crime Act lots of reportingDo you think that banks are likely to av
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