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CRM402 (Criminal Justice and Inequality) - Chapter 3 Euthanasia

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Ryerson University
CRM 402
Christina Hollingshead

CRM402Week 4 Chapter Three Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in the PostRodriguez Era Lessons from Foreign Jurisdictions On HistoryEuthanasia and AssistedSuicide are one of the most controversial of topics there is no consensus on this issueCertainly one of the saddestLegislature Canadians and the medical community all seem deeply divided The issue came to the forefront again in 1993 when the Rodriguez case made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada a victim of ALS at 42yearsold that would progress to the point where she couldnt live without assistance and wanted the right to end her life on her own terms and argued that it infringed upon her right to autonomy and basic rightsThe British Columbia Supremethe British Columbia Court of Appeal and the SCC all refused to grant Rodriguez the right to assistance in committing suicide Canadian opinion polls often show that Canadians are in favour of assisted suicide for individuals with incurable diseases The legislature still seems hesitant to codify or make legal endoflife decision makingThe debatekilling versus letting dieautonomy and the right to diethe sanctity of lifethe slippery slope argumentCanadians can essentially commit suicide by refusing to consent to treatment Canadians have the right to refuse treatmentThis is a sense of autonomy that allows one to refuse lifesustaining treatmentsThe question then becomes should this right be extended to the right to be assisted in committing suicide and voluntary euthanasiaThe argument being that true autonomy should include BOTH rightsthe right to live ones life as one chooses AND the right to end ones life if one choosesImportant distinctionsEuthanasia versus Assisted SuicideEuthanasia is categorized asVoluntaryNonvoluntaryInvoluntary Voluntary Euthanasia does not involve a request for assistance because the person involved has never had the capacity or has lost the capacity to make a requestIt is a voluntary actdeliberate act by one party with the intention of ending the life of another at the request of the latter which results in death
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