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Lecture 5

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Enzo Rondonelli

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CRM308 – Week 5: the Police th Monday, February 10 , 2014 - We are at a crossroads as to how police are viewed and how they act with the public; a large part of this has to do with video cameras • In the past, it used to be police’s words VS client’s words = with no real proof, the police would often be believed - We are in a time now where police have to explain what they are doing, and why they are doing it (preventative policing, community policing, etc.) • Police just like getting information - In terms of interaction, where is the line drawn in terms of making sure they are respecting civil liberties while still carrying out their duties? - Sometimes, when you try to exercise your rights, it may cause suspicion. When you deny the police to a search your backpack or you don’t stop to talk to the police, it builds suspicion. How do you exercise your right then? • Generally police can’t really stop you when you’re just walking down the street. They have no legal authority - Cars are a different story. S. 216 – in the lawful execution of his/her duties, can stop any car, even if it is just to check the valid registration, valid license, insurance, working car, etc. • DWB – driving while black • You cannot prevent this; you can prove abuse of their power, but that’s it - Videos at the roadside seem like an easy solution, but the police officers are opposed to it - 99 Problems video • Refusing to get out of the car; refusing to open the trunk or glove compartment unless they have a warrant
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