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CRM 316 Lecture Notes - Hot Chocolate

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CRM 316
Franklyn Prescod

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International Perspectives CRM 316
March 4, 2013
Nadia Addesi
Professor Jennifer Fraser
Participation Assignment #1
The community event in which I participated in was the Fork York National
Historic Site. I decided to go on Family day but I did not want to go to this event alone so
I asked my sister who is a history major to come with me and help me learn new things.
At first I was not very excited to go to this event because I did not think this history was
able to interest me in any way. I went into this experience with a negative attitude and I
believed that I was going to be bored the whole time. My perspective changed within two
minutes of walking into this exhibit and I instantly became fascinated. When I left Fork
York National Historic Site I received a completely different perspective on Canada’s
nation, and our history which made me conclude that everyone living here should have an
idea of where we came from, and how things used to be in Canada.
This exhibit was so interesting and I got very lucky because I got to experience it
on family day when different events were taking place. I love to cook, and Fort York
was providing visits to the kitchen and a free cooking class to learn about the food
individuals used to eat, there was also a fire and hot chocolate which was very crowded.
Fork York was very real, it was amazing to see individuals in costumes, and different
rooms set up to how it was in the past. This event educated me about Canada’s history
from the 1700’s to the 1900’s. I have a big interest in history when it comes to wars and
military, which is why this exhibit was perfect for me. I got to see the interpretation of
the war from 1793-1812, and the interpretation of the military in Canada. This experience
was so memorable, and I wish I did not go into that day with a negative attitude because I
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