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Lecture 2

CYC 302 Lecture 2: Chapter 3

Child and Youth Care
Course Code
CYC 302
Gurjeet Dhillon

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hapter 3: The Emotional Milieu
Thursday, October 13, 2016
3:28 PM
Summarizing the Emotional Milieu
The emotional milieu refers focuses on the emotional experiences of the child &/or
youth & the other members of the environment
It concentrates on each individuals ability to express their emotions appropriately as
well as an unconditional acceptance of the emotional experiences exhibited
According to Burns (2006), assessing & modifying an environment that is
emotionally safe, inclusive & affirming helps to promote healthy growth and
The emotional milieu concerns itself with reducing emotionally harmful situations
and provides a forum for children &/youth to express themselves without fear of
Emotional Safety Checklist
Do the children in the environment freely express their emotions?
a. Yes, they express their emotions freely.
i. Children come to me when there is an issue. For example, Andrew
came to me when he felt his table wasn’t acting in a manor that the
teacher approved of. He articulated that he did as the teacher has
asked, but his group did not. Therefore, he sad that he could not get
points because of his tables etiquette
Do the children in the environment express their emotions appropriately?
a. Generally yes, however there are occurrences where Luis, a 4 year old
uses his hands to harm other children when he is upset, or over-
Are children expected to control their emotions rather than express them?
a. They are expected to vocalize their emotions rather than using their
bodies to cause others/or themselves harm. To clarify, they are expected
to express there emotions through adaptive techniques. For example,
instead of grabbing a toy that they want from another classmate they are
expected to use words to express their emotions
Are the children punished for emotional expression?
a. We do not punish them for emotional expression. If they are expressing
themselves in a way that could hurt themselves or other we sit and talk
with them, and ask them to use their words to tell us how they are
Are children's feeling experiences judged as being right or wrong, proper or
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