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Wk. 1 - Lecture - Individual vs. Structural.docx

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Disability Studies
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DST 500
Jijian Voronka

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DST500 – Lecture #1 - Individual vs. Structural Erikson: 8 stages of development: 1. Trust vs. Mistrust 2. Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt 3. Initiative vs. Guilt 4. Industry vs. inferiority a. Ages 6-11 b. Impatience and lack of encouragement 5. Identity vs. identity diffusion Only the first 5 6. Intimacy vs. isolation Jung: - Split off from Freud’s idea of unconscious - Trained in medicine - Specialized in psychiatry - Connected the unconscious with the wider world o This opposed what Freud thought – he thought that the unconscious was within the individual and arose from within o Collective unconscious - Highly influential in dream analysis and symbolization Sociologists and their theories They all take what we are talking about as a structural approach Marx: - Class o Believed that society was fundamentally divided into classes that clashed in pursuit of their own interests o Believed that the working class needed to overthrow the system o Man for action - Alienation o In this context, it refers to being estranged from society o Worked at factory, and felt that they had no control over the distribution of profits, the distribution of labour, or the work process etc. - False consciousness o For example: a worker who may feel like they are being treated fairly, but in reality they are not Weber: - Implications of class and status o
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