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Wk. 2 - Lecture - Gods, Demons, the DSM and other suspects - UPDATED

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Disability Studies
DST 500
Jijian Voronka

DST500Wk 2LectureGods Demons the DSM and other suspects Jan 21 2013What causes madnessAbnormalitieschemical imbalancesbrain malfunctionssocial deviancetraumatic experiencesgeneticssocial stresssocial pressuresocial determinacy of healthdrug or alcohol useabusesystemic oppressionconstraintsThere are two different ways to explain madness social model and medical modelBut now the two are mergingthere are morphed theories like psychoanalysis etcNow we take into consideration the genetics and chemical imbalance etc and combine it with the social understanding of the madnessWhat words do we use to describe mad peopleStreet language o Crazy psycho retard wack jobMedical language o Manic psychotic mentally ill unstable OCD PTSDSocial language o Impairment challenged disabledPeople first movementJohn is a man with schizophreniaemphasis on the person by putting them firstKey words and terms to understandPsychiatric survivorbecause they survive societies that devalue their personal experienceso Outcome of a social movement consumer survivor expatient mad movement o This does not mean that people have survived their psychiatric experiencesymptoms etc It is not I have survived my psychiatric schizophrenia o It means that they have survived the psychiatric system o Interested in critiquing the mental health system and looking for ways to work outside of it Mental health consumer o Came about when people complained about being identified as patients because patients were looked at as passive recipients of care whereas doctors etc were put up on a pedestal o It was a business model idea of patients like they had purchasing power of care or consuming the services being providedo Not as radical as identifying yourself as a psychiatric survivorSome people were completely against using the term consumer because consumers get to choose what they consumealso confusing because anyone can be a consumer Choice is very limited and limited to only medical model solutionshelpQueer Nation
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