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Ryerson University
Disability Studies
DST 500
Jijian Voronka

DST500Wk 4Collective Madness February 4 2013Can whole societies or populations be crazyCollective madness and societal madness can be used interchangeably within this lecture Collective is like the group is an entity in itselfSocietal is taking global attributes and applying them to the group What is collectivesocietal madnessFashion fads groups of people to agree to dressact a certain way o Usually accessible to higher classes first o For example UggsCareerism never being satisfied no matter how successful you areMobs highly emotional violent crowds known to target specific groups of people o Eg Salem witch mobs lynchingswhen people of colour would be chased down the streets for erroneous claims looking at someone the wrong way speaking disrespectfullyhappened in the southern statesRiots they dont target specific groups of people o For example G20 in Toronto Mass hysteria dont have to be in physical closeness with other people o There has to be a sense of threat whether that threat is true or no
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