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Ryerson University
Disability Studies
DST 500
Jijian Voronka

DST500 – Wk. 5 – Lecture – Some isms and a phobia February 11, 2013 - Look into essay ideas and final assignment rubric Isms and a phobia (intersectionality) - Classism - Colonialism - Racism homophobia - Sexism - Ableism - Intersectionality is a sociological theory, suggesting that and seeking to examine how various socially constructed categories of discrimination interact on multiple and various levels to create systematic inequality - Before this came into thought, people would try to define themselves as “I am these many times worse off than someone else, or oppressed more than” - Women would be worse off than men, racialized would be worse off than white - This is not how things work - It all depends in what time you live and where - Frank Ocean – black, talented, sexuality is not clearly defined o What it must be like to be at the Grammy’s and the notion of heteronormity and masculinity surrounding hip hop and black males o May experience his sexuality in discriminatory ways - You walk around with the same identity formation, but depending on where you are who you are with, may experience it differently – this is what intersectionality tries to capture Colonialism - The extension of a nation’s sovereignty over territory and people outside of its boundaries - The colonizer’s culture is viewed as superior to the culture of the colonized Racism - The intent of viewing one race as more valuable and others as less so - Can’t separate an aboriginal person’s from institutionalization – can’t say that this person experienced oppression because they were crazy OR because they were aboriginal – rather they experienced oppression because he was a crazy aboriginal man – cannot separate the two - Beliefs, practices, organizations, and institutions that combine to discriminate against a class of people share a common racial designation Hegemony - Antonio Gramsci - Explanation of how the dominant culture stays on top - Uses education, advertising and publication to inculcate in the populace the ideals of hegemonic groups - We have internalized the
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