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Lecture 4

DST 614 Lecture 4: CCSW-Ms.-F-Scenario-A

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Disability Studies
DST 614

CLINICAL CASE STUDY WORKSHOP NSE 12 Clinical Case Study Workshop 2017 Generic Work sheet This work sheet is to be completed for each case scenario. Student Name: Preetha Murugathas Student ID : 101088578 Date: February 14, 2017 Case Study 2 Case Scenario: A Nursing Process Actions Mark Step Assessment: Identify priority data found on the Patients Identify what further priority assessment data Kardex that is relevant to the care to be is necessary for you to collect prior to provided in this scenario. (minimum of 4 initiating your care. points of data = 2 marks) (minimum of 4 points of data = 2 marks) Multiple sclerosis Pain assessment MS and head injury Slurred speech PP, 1030) Loss vision in the right eye Activity Tolerance (PP, 1209) 4 Head injury Braden scale assessment skin integrity Turn every 23 hours (PP, 1260) Toileting with assistance Nutritional intake (PP, 1024) At risk for falls Determine if patient is cognitively aware enough to follow instructions (PP, Occasional incontinence Bed pan or commode depending on 1234) mobility needs Medications that affect elimination (PP, Sufficient time to void 1024) Monitor skin integrity Check for constipation (PP, 1174) Assistance that can be provided from Muscle weakness and stiffness Limited ambulation patient to assist with care (PP, 1230) Assess urine and stool (PP, 1149) Assess for the need of any assistive devices for vision (AB, 340) NSE12B CCSW work sheet Apri2016
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