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Lecture 14

DST 614 Lecture 14: Roy-as-a-Care-Plan

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Disability Studies
DST 614

RAM In Care Plan form ASSESSMENT Person PERSON PersonEnvironment Level one assessment Level two assessment The Adaptive Modes for the IneffectiveAdaptive Stimuli (Input) Focal (focal Nursing Diagnosis Individual data collection (Effectiveness of the point), Contextual, Residual coping mechanisms) 3. Physiological mode: GAS transactional Fthe internal or external (Two step statement)________ 5 Basic Needs model stimulus most immediately caused byor related to Oxygen O2 sat, RR, cap. Refil, Cope or you confronting the human ___________ skin LOOKING AT dont system (or what is the main EVERYTHING; not just at one Adaptive Responses: problem) ex. BP is 5040 area Once you have That promote Nutrition integrity in terms of CAll other stimuli present in reached this stage you Elimination goals of human the situation that contribute then can begin to Activity Rest system to the effect of the focal develop you plan of Protection Running stimulus (Is there anything care Goals, Plan, 4 Complex Processes marathon 10 else contributing to the main Target date, Senses years from problem?) ex. Age, heredity Implementation, and Fluid Electrolytes now Evaluation. (this is the Neurological Functioning Going with R An environmental factor second part of Roy Endocrine their norm within or outside the human Care Plan) system with affects in the 2. SelfConceptGroup Identity mode: current situation that are not Ineffective Responses: Physical Self Responses that do not clear (You are making an Personal Self contribute to the assumption that may be 3. Role Function mode: integrity in terms of contributing to the problem Primary Roles cant change: the goals of human but there is no clear proof) age, sex etc. system ASSUPMPTION Secondary Roles: student, NOT daughter, mother WORKING
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