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Lecture 27

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Disability Studies
DST 614

Course Enrollment Message for Required GPA eLearning Dear First Year Collaborative Program Nursing Students: You are receiving this message so that you can enroll in the online version of the Gentle Persuasive Approaches Curriculum (GPA) Third Edition (2014), which will be available to all first year students and clinical instructors of the Ryerson, Centennial, George Brown Collaborative Nursing Degree Program. All first year students and the first year NSE12B clinical instructors of the Collaborative program will be expected to complete this online course as part of the curriculum as per the NSE12B weekly course planner. Please note that taking the course is a requirement of NSE12. The purpose of the GPA eLearning course is to prepare you for clinical placement, given you may be interacting with older adults experiencing cognitive impairment. The GPA eLearning course will be available from now until Friday, February 24, 2017. All students and course instructors will receive a hard copy of the GPA Third Edition manual. Those who complete the online course will be able to download a GPA Certificate of Completion. The Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) Program was developed to provide care workers with the knowledge required to provide personcentered care within the dementia context (Schindel Martin, Montemuro, Dempsey, Crane, 2005). GPA was first designed for and evaluated as a 7.5 hour facetoface workshop for delivery in Long Term Care homes in Ontario beginning in 2004. It has since been implemented in acute care facilities in Ontario. GPA introduces best practices related to dementiaspecific personcentered care needs and communication adaptations, as well as the management of dementia related aggression, into health care settings. GPA has been adapted for students, and has been embedded in the personal support worker training programs in over 30 Community Colleges in Ontario since 2010. The Ryerson, Centennial, George Brown Collaborative Nursing Degree Program has embedded GPA eLearning as part of its required curriculum since the Winter term of 2014. To register for the Gentle Persuasive Approaches eLearning course, please follow the link provided here: You will be asked to create a GPA account using your RYERSON email address and a private password that you will create.
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