DST 500 Lecture Notes - Erik Erikson, Anomie

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Published on 12 Apr 2013
Erik Erikson
1.1 Hopes: Trust vs. Mistrust (Oral-sensory, Birth-2 years)
1.2 Will: Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt (Muscular-Anal, 2-4 years)
1.3 Purpose: Initiative vs. Guilt (Locomotor-Genital, Preschool, 4-5 years)
1.4 Competence: Industry vs. Inferiority (Latency, 5-12 years)
1.5 Fidelity: Identity vs. Role Confusion (Adolescence, 13-19 years)
1.6 Love: Intimacy vs. Isolation (Young adulthood, 20-24, or 20-40 years)
1.7 Care: Generativity vs. Stagnation (Middle adulthood, 25-64, or 40-64 years)
1.8 Wisdom: Ego Integrity vs. Despair (Late adulthood, 65-death)
Termed something called unification of the cell
Leading Socialogists and their theories.
Marx lived in Exile
He saw division of labour increased alienation.
Workers had no control over any of the work labourers did.
Unequal distribution of wealth, social classes an issue, rich get richer Communism
Weber Class Status and Power
Durkheim Saw beings as social beings.
Cannot understand people in individual terms opposite of freud. Have to understand whats happening
in society etc…
Anomie = ? term I guess
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