Lecture 4

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26 Mar 2011
Sexual Behaviour
Sexual Behaviour:
Sex is simply another service that is wanted and supplied
Economic Characteristics of Sex:
Sex as a service:
oHolding hands
Different Sexual Practices:
A matter of taste
Foremost, it is the intensity of the sexual experience that makes it so appealing
Most willing to pay higher cost to experience it compared to having a P.B. sandwich
Interpersonal utility comparison impossible to do
Law of Demand and Sex:
As price rises, quantity demanded falls
Prostitutes know this very well: Higher price, fewer “tricks
Men demand more units of sex as price drops – Probably true
Women and Sex:
Generally, women want less sex, although it depends on cost
Men’s job is to decrease cost of sex and increase quantity demanded
oDecrease cost by not having STDs (Medical certificate proving this)
Contraceptives have greatly reduced cost of sex, therefore sexual activity is up
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