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October 1st 2012Criminology Class 4The Role Of Police In Canadian Societythree tier reviewpolicecourtscorrectionswont need to worry about history of police and policingneed to know all myths for the midtermthe difference between policing and the policepolicing the act of maintaining and reproducing social orderclass was asked what pops in your head when you think about policing what is itpatrolling and surveying actions and responsibilities of the police protection of citizens serving people again along the lines of the responsibility of police what types of images pop up to your headthe police uniform car the doing activities and the responsibilitieswho can police anyone who can maintain order how are we policed without people theretraffic lights signage telling us what to do the bank security cameras you line up so you are policing yourself there is some sort of order police do not have to be just people it can be all sorts of things like mentioned above the policeare the institution or the individuals given the right by the state to use coercive force to maintain and reproduce social order how is policing and how are the police portrayed in the mediaheroesbusy bodies always seemingly doing something always solving crimespolice culture because of the way police and policing are held ion the media there are many commonly misled misconceptions of the police in the media 3 myths1 police work primarily involves pursuing criminals police patrol this is seen as the backbone of patrolling we see them out and about in the community it is supposed to have a general deterrent effect very few police officers engage in invisible patrolling only 5 are actually out and about in the community patrolling that amounts to 1 police officer per
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