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ECN 104
Ron Babin

Ryerson University Faculty of Arts Department of Economics Winter 2013 The Chang School of Continuing Education CECN 104 Introductory Microeconomics Professional/Professionally Related Course Anti-Requisites: C/ECN 110 and FMG 905 Instructor: Ibrahim Hayani Email: [email protected] Blackboard: Course Description This course is concerned with basic concepts of demand and supply, the theory of the firm, and distribution of income. It includes a study of business behaviour and decision making under various market conditions: pure competition, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, monopoly. C/ECN 104 and C/ECN 204 (Introductory Macroeconomics) attempt to give students a basic understanding of the organization and structure of the Canadian economy. These introductory courses introduce students to the basic tools of economic analysis and show how these can be used to analyze specific economic issues and problems. Course Materials McConnell, Campbell R., Stanley Brue, Sean Flynn and. Thomas Barbiero (2012), Microeconomics, 12 Canadian Edition, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited. See Course Evaluation Evaluation consists of: Midterm Test: 40% (in class; 2 hours – 60 questions) Assignments 10% (mixture of multiple choice and problems. Weight of missing assignment to be added to final exam) Final Exam: 50% (in class; 2.5 hours – 75 questions) Course Topics Week Topic Chapter 1 and 2 Introduction Chs.1 +2 _______________________________________________________________________ _ 3 Demand and Supply/Market Equilibrium, and Ch 3 _______________________________________________________________________ _ 4 and 5 Elasticity, Consumer Surplus, and Producer Surplus Ch 4 _______________________________________________________________________ _ 6 Study Break _______________________________________________________________________ _ 7 Midterm Test _______________________________________________________________________ _8 Consumer Choice and Utility Maximization Ch 5 _______________________________________________________________________ _9 Costs of Production Ch 6 _______________________________________________________________________ _10 Per
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