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Chapter 6

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ECN 320
Thomas Barbiero

The Economics of Human Behaviour: Chapter 6  Dying: The Most Economical Way to Go! o The economics of dying often reflects the manner which one lived o We all prefer a longer life to a shorter one o We also prefer a higher quality of life than a lower quality  The Economics of Dying o Should we feel sorry for a person who is dying with all his/her organs failing?  Malfunctioning organs generally point to the fact that the person had a fun life  Smoking causes respiratory problems; eating junk food causes clogged arteries  Person who dies with all of his/her organs malfunctioning may mean full utilization of organic capital assets in pursuit of satisfaction  Dying with a perfect liver may mean not enjoying many enjoyable drinks o Should you treat your bodily organs as you treat your wealth: You can’t take i
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