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Lecture 3

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ECN 340
Thomas Barbiero

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ECN 304 Week 3Anything Worth Doingy People do things less well because of the added marginal costy Writing a C paper is less costly than writing an A paper Opportunity y Values of a professor and a student are differenty The question isWhat quality level should you strive for Why the Young go to University y Young are more accustomed to the routine of schooly Young do not have family responsibility y Young realize the value of education y Young intellectually more alivey The answer MCMB y Youngs costs lower y Youngs benefits are larger gains for a longer period of timeStudents Walking on the Grass y Most people enjoy a beautiful lawn So what do people walk on it y Nobody wants to be the first to do it but when its already walked on it seems like the cost is really low y Grass may be a short cut thus can bring benefits to the INDIVIDUALy MC is close to zero if the path is already therey Most peo
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