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Ryerson University
ENG 108
Rahul Sapra

ENG 108 Essay Tutorial November 13 ,2012 All double space, page numbers should be top right with last name and number Name in top left hand corner Under Profs name: Sapra (just last name) Course Code with no spaces The date as #/month/year Title Centered no italics nor underling Then go straight into In Shakespeare’s Hamlet and indent each first line When citing poetry remember to indent twice and when citing a play you state the act number, then the line numbers unless stated in your sentence. The test stated in the works cited list must be Shakespeare, Freud, Jones, Original Oedipus Complex and then you can add if wanted Bradely, ….etc… other essays in Signet How to quote within sentences… ‘Near the conclusion of Hamlet the queen cries “No, no, the drink, the drink. O my dear / Hamlet” (5.2 309-310). (The / shows the word Hamlet is on the line below) You cite from the top of the page that has the scene number and then the line number. Either mention Shakespeare within the sentence or rephrase the citing to (Shakespeare 5.2 309- 310). The first time you mention an author you me
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