ENG 108 Lecture Notes - Oxford English Dictionary, Enjambment, Alliteration

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19 Nov 2012
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ENG 108 October 2, 2012
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closed couplet
- the line is end-stopped
- Places emphasis on the rhyme as important
Open couplet
- same kind of rhyme
- lines make use of enjambment
- Does not put emphasis on the rhyme
(This can be seen from the point in which the poem rhymes)
The Figures
- the figures of thought
- such as similes denoting that these lines are not to be taken literally but,
more conceptually
- figures of speech
- Physical words alliteration, repeatition,
- Schemes of balance parallelism
- Omission antithesis
- Repetition Alliteration
- Unusual word order - anastrophe
Vegetable love
- having the most basic attributes of love
- vegetable love without rational though?
- Metaphysical deceit two dissimilar terms and brings them together
Look for patterns and ambiguity
- for close reading
- interrogation of the text
- Pay attention to comas, colons, semi colons